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Week of 10/16/23

Morning Minute: 10/17/23

“Your Personal Coach: Benefits and Expectations”

First, let’s examine the BENEFITS you receive by retaining a personal coach:

EXPERT GUIDANCE: Your Coach will offer you valuable advice and strategies based on industry best practices and personal experience, helping you make more informed decisions while avoiding pitfalls.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Your Coach will hold you accountable for achieving the goals and the actions required for your success. Your Coach will assist you in setting clear objectives, and tracking progress, while providing the guidance to keep you on track.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Your Coach will help you develop the skills crucial for personal and professional growth. These skills include effective communication, goal setting, problem solving, navigating challenges, and conflict resolution.  

FRESH PERSPECTIVE: Your Coach will offer you various perspectives, and challenging your mindset to identify new opportunities and innovative solutions.

FOCUS ON PRIORITIES: Your Coach will help you see issues clearly, assisting you to prioritize your goals and efforts, to streamline processes, and to properly allocate your time and resources.

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Your Coach will assist you to navigate stressful situations, guide you to improve your work/life balance, and help you maintain the positive mindset required for continuous improvement..

TEAM DEVELOPMENT: With your approval, your Coach will help you identify and develop future managers, while getting the best people in the right positions to support your organizational goals and priorities.

What to EXPECT from your personal coach:

STRONG COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Your Coach must possess the skills required to listen effectively, to understand your needs, to provide clarity on issues, and to share clear guidance and feedback, utilizing the best communication tools available for you to understand the actions required for your success.

TRUSTWORTHINESS & CONFIDENTIALITY: Your Coach must maintain and display strong ethical standards, respecting your confidentiality, and your privacy, and be the kind of person that you will trust and respect.

EXPERTISE AND COACHING SKILLS: Your Coach must have a proven track record of success. Additionally, the coach must possess active listening skills, the ability to ask insightful questions, plus the ability to motivate and inspire.

ADAPTABILITY & FLEXIBILITY: Your Coach must understand the changing business climate, helping you take advantage of these changes. The coach must be able to adjust their approach to match your personality and communication style.

In short, your personal coach can be your secret weapon to faster, more lasting success, keeping you focused on urgent and important functions, helping you analyze issues from different perspectives, while delegating non-urgent issues to subordinates.   

“Your Personal Coach: Benefits & Expectations!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

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Morning Minute 10/20/23 "You Can't Expect, What You Won't Inspect!"

Morning Minute: 10/20/23

“You Can’t Expect, What You Won’t Inspect!”

A mother tells her teenager to finish her homework before going to the ballgame. The next morning, Mom discovers the teen went to the game without completing her assignment.

In a meeting, the leader assigns the manager a task, with instructions to complete the report before day’s end. The next morning the leader still has not received the report.

The parent assigning the task to the teenager, and the leader assigning the report, assume that the problem is with the irresponsible person. However, as leaders, we have a duty to hold our people accountable.

What happens when there is no follow up to ensure compliance? In each instance the person to whom the task was assigned was noncompliant. Because no one followed up on prior tasks, they did not assume responsibility. There were no consequences when previous assignments were missed. Or, they simply disrespect the authority or the competence of the parent or leader.

Additionally, the teen’s siblings, and the manager’s employees, may see that there are no consequences for disrespect or non-compliance. They all assume that no one will be held accountable and that disrespect is tolerated. That is how people and events spiral out of control.

The solution: Inspect what you expect! Set a time limit for completion, then follow up before the task is due to ensure compliance. That shows both the person to whom you assigned the task, and those around them, that you expect both compliance and responsibility.

Prior to the teen going to the game, the parent must see if her homework is completed. If not, the consequences are that the teen misses the game and stays home. If the manager has not completed the report before leaving that night, the leader tells him to stay at work until it is completed.

Actions, and inactions, have consequences. Ensuring compliance is not micro-management! By not holding people accountable, incomplete work and poor performance is encouraged while disrespect is allowed. That cannot be tolerated.

As parents, we have a mission to raise respectful and productive children. We do that by setting a good example while making them accountable. We do them no favors by allowing irresponsible or disrespectful behavior.

As leaders, we have the mission to produce winning teams by requiring responsibility and respect. The team wins when the team members are properly trained, supported, and held accountable.

“You Can’t Expect, What You Won’t Inspect!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.

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