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Week of 10/23/23

Morning Minute: 10/24/23

“Why Do You …Show Up Early?”

It seems simple.

You can be late, be on time, or “show up early.”

So why “show up early?”

For the meetings, seminars, or classes you attend, “showing up early” provides you with some valuable one-on-one time with the instructor or facilitator. If they are having some issues with the room set-up, audiovisuals, or copies, being there to help creates goodwill, and can set the stage for a more productive session. You may also gain a relationship with the presenter that will be helpful to you in the future.

Most gatherings have attendees with similar interests and talents as you. That gives you the opportunity to share ideas, problems, and solutions with people who have similar issues. It is always helpful to know professionals like yourself. Many long term relationships have begun with the people you meet by “showing up early.”

Being early shows respect for yourself, the facilitator, and any other attendee. This is especially true if you are meeting a friend, client or customer. As a person who shows respect, you will receive respect in return. Showing respect helps to set the stage for a more productive session or meeting. And, the other people involved will appreciate the lack of distractions and the respect you display by “showing up early.”

Planning to leave in time to “show up early” provides you with some time cushion in case of an unexpected delay on the freeway, with road closures or route changes, delayed flights, weather issues, etc. By leaving early you can prevent that “sweating it out” feeling that you encounter, when there is a probability of being late.

Just “being on time” is what is expected of you. However, you might possibly miss out on the opportunities described above. You may miss out on gaining new relationships. You may miss some insight that would be useful to you that was shared before the session. Plus, you won’t be sweating it out about being late if you’re early!.

Being late, whether it was unavoidable, or because you didn’t plan to leave on time is never positive. Plus, you may miss the very information you needed or the sale you planned to make. There is no upside to “being late!”

In conclusion, you can be late, be on time, or “show up early.”

What are some other benefits you gain by showing up early?

“Why Do You Show Up Early?”

Morning Minute 10/27/23 "Be The Change You Are Trying To Create!"

Morning Minute: 10/27/23

“Be The Change You Are Trying To Create!”

In order to grow beyond where you are now…

You must get rid of what is holding you back.

What is…holding you back?

Is it your habits, your beliefs, or your attitude? Is it another person, a friend, a family member, or your partner? Are you in the wrong occupation or job? Do you have too much debt?

Complete these sentences;

I can move beyond my current situation if only___________________________.”

“In addition to that, I am being held back by ______________________________.”

If you are being honest with yourself, the answer to one or both of these questions involves getting rid of something. Let’s examine some possibilities.

You may have inaccurate information making you believe that you aren’t smart or talented enough. Your attitude may be negatively affected by believing that you are not capable. You may have a habit that keeps you from making a positive change. Stop giving away your ability to succeed by listening to the wrong people, letting others affect your attitude toward your success, or allowing a bad habit to keep you trapped in your circumstances. Take control of your own destiny by getting rid of the belief, attitude, or habit that is holding you back.

Who are you allowing to control your destiny? Are your negative friends affecting how you feel about yourself? Do you have a family member telling you to stay in your lane and not rock the boat? Are you stuck with a business partner who does not share your vision of what is possible and will not change? Take control of your destiny, by getting rid of your relationships with those holding you back.

Do you work for a company or boss who limits your ability to grow your knowledge and take your performance to the level you are capable of? Investigate different companies or industries that are more in alignment with your goals. You may be better off working for yourself. Take control by getting rid of the toxic work environment, job, or boss that is holding you back.

To get ahead you must stop making excuses and take the actions necessary to move forward with your life! In order to grow beyond where you are now, you must get rid of what is holding you back.

You must take control of your own destiny, and…

“Be The Change You Are Trying To Create!”

That is today’s Morning Minute.