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Week of 11/21/22

(11/21/22) Morning Minute:

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?”

You know that phase, right? It comes from the Declaration of Independence. However, the phrase “pursuit of happiness,” was not in the original draft. The original draft read Life, Liberty, and Estate.” In the language of the time, Estate meant Property.

Our founders understood that freedom was not complete unless citizens were able to own property. Property is essentially anything of value which may be owned, bought, or sold. Property can be many things:

·         Real estate is property.

·         Contracts and wills are property to the parties involved.

·         A transferable license or award is property.

·         A name, reputation, or goodwill is property.

·         A business, trade, profession, or occupation is property.

·         Money, stocks, patents, bonds, and copyrights are property.

The men who crafted this declaration lived in a time where the government controlled who could buy, sell, or own property. Since property was the best avenue for attaining wealth, the signers knew that true lasting freedom could not occur unless all citizens had the right to own property. It was their fervent belief that neither life nor liberty would lead to prosperity without the right to own property.

The original clause stating the right of property created a firestorm of debate. While they were debating, George Washington’s army was facing a massive force of British troops in New York. Washington demanded that the Declaration be issued immediately so his troops would have the incentive…to fight…and to win. So, at the insistence of Thomas Jefferson, a compromise was made, changing the right of “Property” to the “Pursuit of Happiness” and the Declaration was issued.    

The founders knew then, as we do now, that the ability to improve one’s self and his family financially, depended on the freedom to own property. In order to pursue happiness, it was necessary for them to benefit from their own hard work and initiative. That was not possible living in a system controlled by kings and rich property owners. Today, we have many laws protecting this right, because we know, that when only the powerful own property then the God-given rights of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be no more.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute. 

(11/23/22) Morning Minute:

“You must be a recovering alcoholic!”

That statement from my boss stunned me.

Having family members who struggled with that disease, I was puzzled as to why my he made that assumption. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

After facilitating the successful opening of a new vehicle dealership in one city, and leading that team to much greater than expected success, I was recruited to run a multiple point dealership operation in another city. After 3 months, we determined that my vison and the owner’s vision were incompatible. Leaving a great operation for one that did not work out left me somewhat disillusioned. Since I knew that God had other plans for me, I searched for and found a prayer that helped put my situation in perspective.

Soon after, I was hired as the General Sales Manager at an upscale used vehicle dealership. A few months later my boss informed me that I would be handling the finance function for 2 weeks since our Finance Manager would be on vacation. There was no one else trained in finance so that role fell to me in addition to my other duties.

To help me stay focused on the dual jobs that I was tasked with, the prayer that I learned earlier seemed perfect for me. That prayer became my computer screen saver during my tenure in the finance office. My boss made the above statement when he discovered the prayer on my screen. He shared that he was a recovering alcoholic and that this particular prayer, was one they used at every Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. After sharing with him that I had never been an alcoholic, he inquired as to why I chose that prayer. It was then I related my failed situation in the other city and my need to find the best words to stay in good with the Lord 

Here is the Serenity prayer:  God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

This is hanging next to the mirror in my bathroom so I may can see and use it several times daily.

All of us here at Bonorato Creative Group hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 11.25.22 The Real Story of Thanksgiving?

(11/25/22) Morning Minute:

“The real story of Thanksgiving?”

Most of us have never heard the real story of Thanksgiving. We were taught that this event was held to thank the Indians for helping the Pilgrims prosper. While it is true that these Pilgrims learned much from the Indians, that is not where the tradition of Thanksgiving began.

John Bradford led a group of religious travelers who wanted a place to live where they could practice their religion without persecution. They contracted with a merchant company for the journey. Much of what they produced in America would be sent back to the company as payment for the trip.

During the voyage these Pilgrims signed an agreement called the Mayflower Compact. After sending the required amount to the merchant company, each person would receive a share of what was left. “From each according to their ability; to each according to their need.” All agreed that was the only “fair way” for the new colony to operate.

The Pilgrims landed in November, 1620 in Massachusetts. Winter had set in so there was no chance of planting anything. There was no shelter except on the ship or some hastily built crude huts. Half of these Pilgrims died that winter. In Spring, the survivors set out to develop the colony. Using this community agreement, no one owned anything. Everything was divided equally. Because there was no incentive for the settlers to produce, they produced very little. Much of it was shipped out to pay back the company. The second Winter was as bad as the first with many dying before Spring. Something had to change.

Bradford scrapped the Mayflower Compact deeding each family a plot of land to use as they wanted. They would keep what they earned. Some sold their property. Some harvested the timber. Others built stores, opened businesses, or build houses. Many planted crops and tended livestock. The settlers and the community prospered under this new system.

In the Fall, they had a bountiful harvest. There was plenty of food to last through the harsh New England winter. To give thanks to God for this they held the first Thanksgiving.

These Pilgrims discovered that when people benefit from their own initiative and hard work, there is a greater incentive to produce more. The compact/community system provided no incentive so people produced little. When these people began to benefit directly from their own efforts, everyone prospered. This was the beginning of the Capitalist Economic System in America that we still benefit from today.

And that is today’s Morning Minute.