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Week of 11/13/23

Morning Minute: 11/14/23

“What Are We Doing To Our Children?” (Part 4 of a 5 part series)

In Part 3, we outlined the necessary changes in FAMILY LIFE leading to a NATIONAL RENEWAL. Today, we outline the changes necessary in EDUCATION!

Quality education is the responsibility of everyone involved including parents, teachers, principals, students, support staff, and administrators. Parents have the obligation to know what being taught. Teachers need positive parental involvement in their child’s learning. Using password-protected livestreaming and recorded classes, allows parents to see what is being taught, while providing credibility for teachers. When using electronic notebooks, give parents “READ ONLY” online access to the material. Plus allowing students to take textbooks home to study, will allow parents to read them as well.

Decertify ALL teachers’ unions. These groups have long since been a cover for poor performance, and the radical indoctrination of children. Plus, they are money laundering machines supporting a political party. Parents must take control of school boards to discourage dishonesty and misbehavior. Teacher’s tenure must be limited to five years with the opportunity to reapply.

Delay sex education classes until the 5th grade. Discontinue teaching sexual preferences and gender transformation, while prohibiting audiovisuals and books on these subjects until high school. School personnel are required to have written parental permission for children to take medications. They must also have written parental permission for any discussion of sex changes, gender dysphoria, or reassignments. Teachers and administrators who violate these standards must be exposed and terminated.

To assist children to grow into responsible, respectful adults, high schools must require mandatory courses on family living, handling money, budgeting, proper child care, and how to raise responsible, respectful children.

Since the federal Department of Education was created, the quality of our children’s education has deteriorated while costs have skyrocketed. This monstrosity must be defunded and shut down. All requirements for, and funding for DEI instructors, administrators, and support staff must be terminated. Keep all state and local school taxes in the states where they are collected.

To maintain accountability, school choice must be adopted nationally. Parents must have the option to take the tax money used for failing schools, to place their children in schools where learning is actually accomplished. This competition will create better outcomes for children by raising standards, while eliminating children being trapped in poor schools.

Finally, for decades we have respected the “rights” of atheists by not requiring that they pray in school. Those people must respect our “right” to start each school day with a prayer by being silent when we pray.

In Part 5, we will discuss the necessary changes for GOVERNMENT.

That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 11/17/23 What Are We Doing To Our Children?(part 5)

Morning Minute: 11/17/23

“What Are We Doing To Our Children?” (Part 5 of this series)

Dangerous times require drastic actions!

In Part 4 we discussed the changes required in EDUCATION to continue our journey from APATHY back to LIBERTY.

Today we will discuss changes required of GOVERNMENT.

GOVERNMENT:  After eliminating the Dept. of Education, government corrective action is required on other issues. We must ban ALL hate groups including the KKK, Nazi Party, Communist Party. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Southern Poverty Law Center, and any other organization or political party seeking to pit Americans against each other, that is dedicated to hate, or the destruction of our country. The right of free speech does not extend to those who wish to destroy us with hate, lies, and violence.

To encourage assimilation, English must be the official language in the United States. End requirements for multiple language documents as these discourage assimilation. We support the groups and actions that unite us, not those that divide us.

Discontinue government funding of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. It is a for profit industry, not a public service. Planned Parenthood was started by Margaret Sanger, an avowed racist, to control the increasing number of black Americans. These clinics have always been located in or near areas with large groups of minority citizens. In many large cities, up to 40% of all black babies are aborted.  

End the invasion at our border NOW! Democrats support this travesty which enriches drug cartels, while bankrupting local municipalities. We do not know who these people are nor their backgrounds or intentions. This situation is perfect for terrorists, intent on killing Americans. This invasion currently kills thousands of Americans each year from deadly drugs, while trapping thousands of women and children into forced prostitution. This is a truly horrible situation created by Democrats seeking new voters to keep themselves in power.

Amend our Constitution so that babies born here become US citizens only if the parents are US citizens. Outlaw chain migration. Allow only legal immigration into our country.

Drastic actions are required to save our children and our nation. These are not the only steps necessary, but they are a great start to our American Revival. Pray daily that that these actions be completed sooner rather than later.

God has given us this difficult mission. Our nation cannot afford for you or me to sit on the sidelines. With God’s guidance, with Hard Work and Patriotism, and with GREAT COURAGE, we can replace APATHY with ACTION, DIVISION with COOPERATION, and TYRANNY with LIBERTY. All these created by citizen involvement, discipline, personal responsibility, and self-control.

That is today’s Morning Minute.

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