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Week of 12/26/22


Stop selling your product or service?

Hey, you are selling the finest, most innovative, most useful product or service in your market. You have shared features, advantages, and benefits. You know everything about your offerings and your competition. Yet, you still don’t understand what you are selling. Most importantly, you don’t understand why they should buy...from you.

Realistically, you are selling the SOLUTION to a PAIN or a PROBLEM, or how to take advantage of an OPPORTUNITY. Your product or service must solve their pain or problem, or assist them to take advantage of an opportunity. Personalize your presentation so that they get emotionally involved in the outcome. Most people buy emotionally, not logically. Use that knowledge to help your clients get what they want…from you.

To get on that personal level with your client, ask open ended questions. These provide you with information, while allowing your client to share their feelings about what they want to accomplish. If you just start selling without understanding their pain, problem, or opportunity, then you are just another salesperson, only interested in making a sale.

Here are some examples:

·         If selling investments, ask how having the right portfolio will help them now and in the future. What pain, problem, or opportunity will these investments address?

·         If selling homes, furniture, or vehicles, begin by asking what event has caused them to begin their search. What pain, problem, or opportunity will your product address?

·         If selling insurance, ask if they want financial protection or a future investment. What pain, problem, or opportunity will this insurance address?

·         If selling clothing, jewelry, or home goods will the new product replace something else, or are they searching for a special gift, or to make themselves feel or look better. Will this product be for a special event or everyday use? Who will use it? What pain, problem, or opportunity will this address?

Note the use of similar questions. These questions are designed to help you understand what your client’s FUTURE SELF looks like to them. Then share how they can achieve that FUTURE VIEW OF THEMSELVES by getting your product or service from you. This will appeal to them on a personal level. They will know that you care and that you can help them. Creating this mental picture of their FUTURE SELF, using your product or service, that they bought...from you, creates value in you and in what you are selling.

Now, get ready for your fantastic success in 2023!

And that is today’s Morning Minute.

(Programming note: we will resume twice weekly Morning Minutes the week of January 1, 2023)