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Week of 2/13/23

Morning Minute 2/14/23:

“What will you drive in 2035?

Earlier this month we ran a poll of auto industry professionals asking them their opinions of what fuel would power the new vehicles sold in 2035. These are manufacturers and suppliers, plus dealers and dealership personnel. There were 977 votes.

Here are the results:

In examining this data, several observations come to mind:

1.    Although not a majority, fully 38% felt that most new vehicles sold in 2035 would be hybrids, gas/electric cars. If true, we will need fossil fuels for transportation for many years into the future.

2.    Even with the mandates from state and federal governments for EV’s (electric vehicles), only 27% of those responding felt that EV’s would be the majority sold in 2035. Many cited the problems created by the batteries, including the lack of enough mineral availability for batteries, the cost of replacement batteries, and the problem of disposing of the spent batteries.

3.    One in five, 21%, felt that vehicles using gasoline or diesel fuel would be the majority of those sold in 2035. Many cited the cost of electric vehicles and their shorter range on a full charge for fully electric vehicles.

4.    Surprisingly, 14% of respondents felt that hydrogen technology, which extracts hydrogen from air or water, will be advanced enough by 2035 to corner a majority of the new vehicle market.

This survey was not a scientific poll. However, it was conducted with only car industry professionals responding. It was offered to this group because these people usually have some insider information. Plus, they have a vested stake in the evolution of cars due to both technological innovations and government regulations.    

Now let’s hear from you, the folks who buy or lease cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. In your opinion, in 2035, will most new vehicle sold be powered by


2)hybrid gas + electric,

3)all electric, or

4)hydrogen engines?

Please vote 1, 2, 3, or 4 at

And, that is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 2/17/23

Morning Minute 2/17/23:

“Is there a Common Thread?

An investment fund is set up to help investors grow their retirement accounts. Instead, fund managers use their investments to support Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals reducing the return for investors, violating their fiduciary responsibility to the members.

A beverage company and an airline company, both located in Georgia, actively support relocation of the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta. Their public reason is that the state has placed voting restrictions designed to reduce minority voting. Yet in the very next election there were massive increases in early voting, minority voting, and total voting proving their public reason was false.

An aerial spy balloon launched from China in mid-January. In February, it violated U.S. airspace and was allowed to travel over Alaska, Canada, and all the way across the U.S. before it is finally shot down over the Atlantic. Then, we find out that the military knew of this and did not inform the President until a civilian posted a picture on social media.

A train carrying toxic chemicals derails in rural Ohio. Experts share that, in order to prevent a massive explosion, they need to initiate a “controlled burn” of these chemicals. The fire creates a mushroom cloud over the community spewing dangerous gases and thick black smoke. Later it is revealed that burning of the chemicals creates sarin gas…the same gas used to kill soldiers in World War I. A government agent advises residents that they can return home even though fish and animals are dying and the ground water is contaminated.

Is there a common thread? These stories and many more have something in common. Actions were taken affecting millions, not based on facts or science. They were based on the leader’s desire to promote their own political views over reality or to hide their own incompetence…or both. The results: we have investors losing money, Atlanta citizens cheated out of benefiting from a sporting event, our country put at serious risk, and Americans being poisoned due to incompetence and the lack of accountability.

In exactly none of these situations has anyone been held responsible for the harm they caused. Leaders are human. They make mistakes. When that happens, REAL LEADERS take responsibility and work tirelessly to mitigate the damage and to ensure these mistakes are never repeated.

Is there a common thread? Yes, it is the lack of honesty and accountability by those who have chosen to represent and lead us.

And, that is today’s Morning Minute. 

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