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Week of 2/19/24

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“Creating Transformation for Your Team?”

Recently, a consultant described Transformation as “Information plus Action. While that description lists some basic elements, it does not provide the necessary steps to achieve real, lasting Transformation.   

These steps begin with an honest, straightforward ANALYSIS of the issues impeding the progress of your team. Use the 4 Ps as the basis for your investigation: People, Process, Products/Services, and Promotion. There are usually multiple issues. Most issues will be found with People and/or Processes.    

Have the COURAGE to honestly confront the issues holding the team back. Start with yourself. The people on your team will never be better than you are. Get the INFORMATION required for transformation. Learn and list the steps necessary to change the team’s expectations from losing to winning.

Next, clearly COMMUNICATE these steps with your team. Start with your team leaders. By getting their buy-in for the required changes, they will multiply your efforts to get buy-in from the other team members. Share your VISION for success. No one wants to lose. Share with them a clear picture of what winning looks like.   

Have the DISCIPLINE to implement these changes. You have already established the necessary steps for transformation. Understand that there will always be speed bumps along the way. Just as a speed bump slows down a motor vehicle, know that there will be circumstances that slow your team down. Have the PERSEVERANCE to stay on course toward your goals.

Keep yourself FOCUSED as you guide your team’s efforts. Continue to share with them what the end result of their efforts will accomplish. Help them visualize what winning looks like. Seeing that vision clearly, helps both you and them focus on the end results, not just the pain and effort required to get there.

Along the way you will achieve several milestones toward success. By CELEBRATNG these accomplishments with your team, they will be even more motivated to move forward. When you have successfully achieved TRANSFORMATION, be sure that you and your team celebrate your accomplishments…together.

Remember: As Vince Lombari stated: “Success is never final.” As circumstances and the 4 Ps change, your ADAPTABILITY will be required to make the necessary changes to overcome adversity and to take advantage of future opportunities.


That is today’s Morning Minute.

Morning Minute 2/23/24:

“What Are Your Core Values?”

That was a question asked of me during an interview prior to me being hired as a dealership General Manager.    

After answering his question, I reviewed the operating statement for the dealership. It astonished me to discover that the amounts invested in training and the amounts invested in advertising, were almost the same. With that knowledge I knew that his commitment to teamwork, continuous improvement, and excellence matched mine.

Core values are not just words on paper, an image on your website, or a sign in the conference room. They are the values that control how people treat each other, the standards that they have for themselves, and how they interact with clients, team members and others.  

Let’s explore some of my “core values.”

TRUST & RESPECT: Everyone wants respect from others. People who respect each other, trust each other. Those values hold true for owners, team leaders, and team members. However, trust & respect go well beyond an organization. They must also govern how people interact with customers, suppliers, affiliates, and family. To be respected, one must be trustworthy. To be trustworthy, one must be respectable.  

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: With changing market conditions, new products and processes, changing habits and expectations, and technology improvements, there will always be a need for timely, useful training. This core value requires scheduled training for knowledge as well as skills improvement for everyone in the organization.  

TEAMWORK: Positive synergy occurs when people both trust and respect each other enough to depend on each other. This requires continuous skills and process training, plus cross training for differing roles. Teamwork requires effective communication between team members. And, the ability to work through problems together.  

EXCELLENCE: When people are committed to excellence, they will not tolerate any effort, process, or outcome that is not their very best. They expect the best from themselves, and from everyone else on the team.

DISCIPLINE: Discipline is doing what you don’t want to do, when it’s the right thing to do. And, not doing what you want to do, when it’s the wrong thing to do. This is true for both individuals and organizations.

Those are my core values.

What are your core values? Please share your core values by replying back to this message, text me at 864-630-2625, or email me at

Your replies will enable us all to learn from each other.

That is today’s Morning Minute.