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Week of 3/25/24

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Morning Minute 3/26/24:

“Chocolate Muffins, A Flower Garden, & Promotions!”

What do these 3 items have in common?

Cooking chocolate muffins requires that you first know who will eat them, how many you will need, how to display and serve them, and when to have them ready. Next you need a recipe, the ingredients required, the mixing tools, and an oven. Using your plan, you will have these muffins prepared, displayed, and ready to serve your guests.  

Creating a flower garden, requires that you first have a written or mental picture of what this garden will look like. Plus, you must decide the variety of flowers you want to display. Where will you place your garden? Next, you must procure the plants, bulbs, or seeds, plus the soil and fertilizer required. Then. following best practices for planting, growing, displaying, and maintaining your plants, you will create your beautiful flower garden.  

Launching a promotion requires you to identify WHO are your ideal clients. WHAT services or products you will sell. WHICH team members will be necessary to prepare materials, launch the promotion, and service buyers. Using those goals, project sales, costs, and gross profit. Then decide WHEN is the best time for this promotion and how long it will run. WHERE will this promotion be held; in house, off site, online, or using any combination of these venues.

Determine WHY yours is the right plan, targeting your ideal clients, with the right products & services, at the right time. Having planned professionally, execute your plan. During the promotion, adjust your processes to meet both anticipated and unexpected opportunities. These small pivots will help you stay focused on success.

Notice that all 3 items, muffins, a garden, and your promotion, have similar processes.

1st: Visualize your desired end result. Happy guests enjoying your muffins, Happy people viewing your garden. Or, happy customers buying your products or services.

2nd: Identify who needs, wants, and can afford what you have for them. Your house guests wanting your muffins. Your neighbors enjoying beautiful flowers. The demographics of who will buy what you are selling. In business, these will be your ideal clients.

3rd: Mirror the person creating great muffins, and the person creating a great flower garden. Get the equipment, materials, people, and processes aligned to create valuable products and services that your ideal clients will pay for.

4th: Execute your plan ensuring you have the right people and processes in place. Have the right products and services available, in the right quantity. Utilize a targeted promotional plan to engage your ideal clients. Monitor carefully, ensuring your clients enjoy a first class experience as they shop and purchase from you.

5th: Employ AAA, an “After Action Analysis” to review what worked and what needs to be improved or adjusted for your next promotion.

What DO muffins, a garden, and your promotions have in common?   A PROCESS!

That is today’s Morning Minute!