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Week of 5/29/23


“Passion” or “Planning”

Are these compatible?

Both are necessary!

Some folks say, “If you choose an occupation based on your passion, you will never work a day in your life!”

Others say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

Let’s look at these examples of successful people.

Before every golf round in tournament play, Tiger Woods is on the practice tee or putting green working on his putting or his swing. He always envisions himself winning every tournament and receiving the trophy.

Before every daily radio broadcast, Rush Limbaugh reviewed volumes of information on politics, economics, and government prior to sharing his views on the radio. He envisioned himself impacting millions daily during his 3 hour radio broadcasts.

Before every sermon or bible crusade, Billy Graham would restudy the stories and messages in the Bible in order to relate them to modern day events for his audiences. He envisioned thousands coming forward to accept Christ at each event.

One very visible trait in these three was their passion to be the best and to perform their best. They displayed their passion consistently. Coupled with that passion was their commitment to prepare to be the best: planning! Anything less was unacceptable.

Understand that both passion and planning are required to succeed. Where do you start? Your passion creates for you a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. You must set an unwavering goal to achieve your vision. Your success journey starts with your decision to reach that goal. Then, DECIDE!

Once you decide, now you need a plan! You must set specific targets to achieve enroute to your ultimate goal. What will you need to learn? Who will you need to help you? What tools will be required? Set these targets, so that, having achieved them, you will stay motivated to continue your success toward your goal.

By helping others achieve their goals, they will help you accelerate your own progress. Also, be prepared to pivot slightly to take advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Upon successfully achieving your vision, continue your success journey using both passion and planning. What got you to the top…will keep you at the top. Using the discipline you learned, continue to improve your skills while helping others achieve theirs. Top performers not only want personal success. They want others to succeed as well!

Final thought: Passion, Planning, and Discipline are required to achieve your ultimate goal…your personal vision of success!

That is today’s Morning Minute.


“What is Your Moment of Truth?”

During a rocket countdown, the moment of truth occurs when the engine ignites with no way to abort the launch.

In war, the moment of truth occurs when the soldier must either kill or be killed by the enemy.

These are two extreme moments of truth.

A moment of truth is any situation that tests someone or something and will have a definite future effect. It can be major like a rocket launch, or less catastrophic like making a good first impression.

As leaders, we encounter many moments of truth. Here’s some examples…

1.    You hire a new employee. This person will make an impression on the other team members. They will judge him/her and judge you based on your selection. Additionally, your onboarding process will make a lasting impression on the new person. These are moments of truth.

2.    A team member has been trained, had the process shared and demonstrated, but still cannot do the job properly. You must either retrain, transfer, or terminate this person. Your decision, and how you communicate it to everyone, will affect everyone on the team. This is a moment of truth.

3.    A customer comes to your business expecting what they saw online. The price of the product is less online than what they encounter in your store. This is a moment of truth.

During any day there are numerous moments of truth, both at or away from work. The best results occur by visualizing these moments of truth ahead of time. Then we can anticipate what will happen, examine the possible solutions, and install processes to either prevent the moment of truth, or pre-determine a solution. That is how great processes are formulated and put in practice.

QUICK STORY: A young boy, with his mother in the grocery store, wanted some candy. She said, “No.” When she wasn’t looking, he stuffed some candy in his pockets. At home, she found the candy, asking him where he got it. He said, “At the store." This was a moment of truth. She took him back to the store, made him apologize to the manager, made him pay for the candy, and left the candy there.

Think about a moment of truth that occurs at work or at home. Determine who it will affect. Then put a process in place to either prevent the moment of truth, or handle it in a way that creates your desired results.

“What is Your Moment of Truth?”

Please share your Moment of Truth by replying back to this message.

That is today’s Morning Minute!