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Week of 7/03/23


“What Is Your problem?”

We have all been there…

You have worked hard, been positive, done the right things, and then catastrophe happens. You didn’t cause it. You didn’t expect it. But it hits you like driving full speed into a concrete wall.


You ignored a warning, gave into a temptation, or made a bad decision. You lost a friend or you family was broken apart. Your business is failing or you lost your job. Your reputation is severely damaged. You may even be facing prison.

What happens next will be determined by your attitude toward your problem. You have options. Those options will be based on your attitude toward the problem, not on the problem itself.

George Washington’s small army was almost destroyed on Long Island. They were driven out of Manhattan, chased across New Jersey into Pennsylvania. His army of 6000 shrunk to 2000, due to casualties and desertions. Their situation was dire with little ammunition or supplies. The weather was bitter cold with freezing rain and snow. His men were demoralized.

The British were so sure that Washington was defeated they stopped to enjoy the holidays. However, in a series of covert attacks in horrible weather, Washington, who refused to be defeated, conducted two successful campaigns at Princeton and Trenton, saving his army.

Was it Washington’s problem or his attitude toward the problem that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat? Their problems were monumental. They endured a string of defeats, were chased across 3 states, and had only 2000 men against an army of 18000. His attitude was that freedom was worth enduring hardships and temporary defeat.

In a recent baseball game, an infielder missed an easy play. Because of his mistake, their opponent scored a run, taking the lead. Later in the game, that same player drove in three runs helping his team win. Was the problem his mistake, or his attitude toward the mistake.

As humans, we will face many issues requiring us to choose how to respond. Some will be life-changing. Others will matter only for a short time. Understand that problems, both great and small, whether caused by you or others, are opportunities to learn and grow.

Instead of being defeated, turn to God, requesting the strength to endure the hardship, and the wisdom to learn from and meet these challenges.

Then, share what you learned with others.

That is today’s Morning Minute

Morning Minute 7/07/23 "What Is Teamwork?"


“What is Teamwork?”

Most people think of sports when discussing teamwork.

While success in sports at every level almost always depends on teamwork, there are other arenas where teamwork is critical. So, how do we accomplish building a team?

First, what is teamwork? It is the successful accomplishment of goals by harnessing the individual talents of each team member. Success is achieved when every team member buys into the mission, and supports the other team members all the way to mission accomplished. When everyone on the team feels that team success benefits them personally, each person will experience a feeling of success and accomplishment when the team goal is achieved.

Let’s look at a real world example.

A full-service restaurant:

As a diner, you may only see the coordination of the dining room team. They seat you, get you drinks and menus, answer questions, handle requests, and work to ensure you enjoy your experience. There is a massive amount of teamwork, that is out of your sight, making all this possible.

The prep cooks ensure that salads, soups, various entrees, and desserts are ready for the line cooks and runners. The line cooks prepare your entrees at different times so that your various entrees are ready to plate and serve all at the same time. The runners bring the food to your table.  The kitchen manager or chef coordinates all the kitchen activities so that the dining room staff creates a great experience for each diner.

The restaurant manager oversees all these activities, moving staff and supplies as needed to create the best service for all their guests. This general manager is the head coach, the kitchen and dining room managers are the team coordinators, while the kitchen and dining room staffs are the offensive and defensive teams.

Their mission is accomplished when each team member understands how their own effort affects the efforts of the other team members. Each person must be trained, and have the tools to do their job. Success is achieved when team members assist each other to handle issues and opportunities as they arise. Their respect and support for each other,, creates the synergy that we call teamwork.

And that is how you build successful teams.

Now, take a good look at the team you lead. Are they properly trained? Do they have the necessary tools to do their jobs properly? Does each team member understand how what they do affects the total team effort?

Finally, are you leading them effectively?

“What is Teamwork?”