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Week of 9/11/23

Morning Minute: 9/11/23

“Remembering Sept 11, 2001!”

Our National Motto: “E Pluribus Unum!” “Out of many, one!”

Our country has had many defining moments binding us together as one people and one nation.

August 2, 1776 Thirteen American colonies declare independence to form the United States of America.

April 9, 1865 The end of the American Civil War reuniting all the states of the union.

December 6, 1865 The 13th amendment banned slavery forever in the United States.

December 7, 1941 The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

September 11, 2001 Terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC

As we commemorate those who served and died on September 11th, let us renew our commitment to each other. We are a country of citizens from every nation on earth. Descended from every race. We celebrate every religion as a part of our heritage. We are a complex society of people living in cities and rural areas. We have numerous political beliefs and traditions. And yet, we are all one people...Americans!    

We are one nation, under God. And, when some of us are attacked…all of us are attacked. The United States will never be conquered by another country. We may stagger a bit. However, we bind up our wounds and join together to fight all foes until we achieve victory. That is how Americans respond when we are attacked. The only way the United States will even be defeated is from within our own country.

There are those who tell us that we are “defined by our differences…our diversity.” That is just wrong. Our differences help to shape our thoughts and customs. They give us something to learn from and be proud of. However, our strength is in being Americans. Tolerant and accepting of other’s ideas, customs, and religions. Yet we know that, as Americans, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome except those we place on ourselves.

When, we allow ourselves to be divided by our “diversities,” we lose our sense of who we are as Americans. We deny the sacrifices made by so many to overcome all of the obstacles to American progress. We become members of various groups instead of being Americans. We forget about Americans less fortunate than we are, in order to maintain our social or political status.

So today; Let us tell those who would divide us to stand down. Let us join together! Not as political partisans, regional groups, or religious crusaders, but as Americans.

And, remember our national Motto:

“E Pluribus Unum!” “Out of Many, One!”

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Morning Minute 9/15/23 "What Would YOU Do?"

Morning Minute: 9/15/23

“What Would YOU Do?”

The manager made a mistake, costing the firm $2500.

The owner did not yet know. Plus, the evidence pointed toward another manager having made the mistake.

The manager looked at his options.

1.    He could ignore the problem hoping it would be overlooked. Best case, it would be found much later or missed altogether. If discovered now, the other person would probably be blamed. Worst case, the error would be discovered and he would have to pay back the $2500 and/or be fired.

2.    He could go directly to the owner and share that he made a mistake and that the company would lose $2500.  He knew he would get chewed out, plus be required to pay back the money, and possibly be fired.

What would you do?

When there are no good options, how do you decide?

First, take responsibility for your error. Admit your mistake while protecting the other person who could have been blamed for your error.

Next, look at the worst possible outcome. You could lose your job and have to pay back the $2500. Accept that this might happen. Knowing and accepting the worst results will give you a sense of finality and peace.

Then, put yourself in the mindset of the owner. If you were the owner, from whom would you want to hear the news? Another manager? An employee? Someone outside the company? From you?  How he hears it, from whom he hears it, and when he hears it, will have a direct bearing the owner’s response and actions. Resolve that he should hear this from you!

Finally, share this with the owner as soon as possible! Most owners want to hear bad news quickly. They know the longer the mistake lingers, the more it costs to correct. Admit to the owner that you made the mistake. Then share that you will accept any decision the owner makes.

If the worst case happens, you lose your job and reimburse the company, you have already accepted that outcome. In the best case, the owner will scold you, then share that everyone makes mistakes as he writes off the $2500 and puts a note in your file. In most cases, his decision will be somewhere between the best and worst case scenarios. Plus, the owner will respect you for owning your mistake, and for telling him about it yourself.    

“What Would YOU Do?”

That is today’s Morning Minute!

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