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Week of 9/25/23

Morning Minute: 9/26/23

Body, Mind, and Spirit!”

In life, your personal success depends upon how well you nurture these 3 areas!


You have only one body. It needs nourishment including a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, starches, protein, dairy, oil or fats, vitamins, and minerals. Your breakfast of a doughnut and coffee, a fast food lunch, and 4 course dinner just before bedtime is NOT a balanced diet!

Consistent nourishment is accomplished by planning your meals. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Your body can’t be at peak performance by skipping meals or overeating. If you eat just before bedtime, your body works to digest your food instead of creating the serotonin necessary for restorative sleep.

That brings us to getting proper rest. Our bodies require rest to repair worn out cells, and replenish our energy. Schedule your sleep time. If 7-8 hours sleep is not possible, carve out some time during the day for meditation or a nap.

Exercise regularly to keep your weight, cardiovascular system, and muscles in shape.   


Continuous learning keeps your mind alert. Professionals are life-long learners. Challenge yourself to read 6 books a year or more. That achievement creates continuous improvement.

Remember that: “As you think, you are!” Be sure to put into practice what you learn. You can’t rely on what you know; you can only rely on what you practice.

Goal-setting, and achieving those goals, increases your self-esteem. As self-esteem increases, so does your confidence to tackle more and bigger projects. And remember, “When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot?”


Just as your body needs nourishment and your mind needs positive stimulation, your spirit also needs attention. We are not just flesh and bone. We have a spirit that connects us to our Maker. He has a master plan for your life and has given you the talents required to achieve that plan. Ask for direction, and He will reveal it to you.

Our spirit can be renewed through positive interactions with our friends, relatives, and associations. However, only associate with people who have similar positive outlooks on life. Avoid those who would drive you into jealousy or hatred. Those attitudes will poison your spirit.

Self-control is the hallmark of someone with a healthy spirit.

Your success in life is created by nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Create and follow a life plan that is both positive and in alignment with God’s plan for you!

That is today’s Morning Minute!

Morning Minute 9/29/23 "Reading, Listening, Watching, Doing!"

Morning Minute: 9/29/23

“Reading, Listening, Watching, and Doing?”

How DO you learn?

As infants, we began learning by watching. We watched how our parents reacted when we cried, when we were hungry, and when we soiled our diapers. We had no understanding of language, so we learned by watching the actions of those who cared for us to determine how we would react.

Becoming toddlers, we still learned more by watching. However, as we began to understand words, we started listening while watching. With words and small phrases, we learned to communicate. We learned how to use the potty, how to feed ourselves, and how to play. We learned…by doing.

In school, we first learned our alphabet by watching, listening, and repeating…by doing. As we learned to read, a whole new world of information became available to us. So, we watched, we listened, and we read. Then we did the exercises so that what we learned, we could remember. We learned…by doing.

As older children we learned to do our chores and perform personal hygiene by watching, listening, and practicing. On the playground we watched, and we listened, and we learned how to the play games. We were practicing, learning from each other. We learned…by doing.

As teens we began to learn how to accomplish more complicated functions. We read, we watched, and we listened to videos and recordings. Competing in activities and completing projects, we gathered information, we collaborated with others, and we learned…by doing.

Now, as adults, we have our own learning preferences. We listen to lectures and podcasts.  We go online to watch videos. We attend classes to watch, listen, and learn. Or, we have someone demonstrate how to perform a certain task. Then we begin practicing what we learned to get good at it. We learn…by doing.

Think about a habit you have. How did you develop that habit? Did you get better at it the more you did it? Of course, it became a habit. A habit learned…by doing.

Professionals like doctors and lawyers call their businesses…practices. To stay proficient in their calling they must continually learn and adapt. They practice constantly…by doing.

You won’t get better at doing something, unless you practice doing it correctly. In other words, practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

And remember:  

Education Without Action is Just Entertainment!

“Reading, Listening, Watching, and Doing?”

That is today’s Morning Minute.