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Week of 9/5/22


Hiring quality people is HARD!

Applicants lie or omit information. Plus, they spout rehearsed answers leaving you to in the dark about their history or accomplishments.

Readers of my book “WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME,” discovered eight valuable interview questions useful in drawing out hidden information omitted on resumes. Using these questions, you will discover the applicant’s personal and business background, and how they compare to your required staffing needs. Plus, by asking the same questions of every candidate, you will protect yourself from discrimination lawsuits. Here are the questions:

1.    Please share the reasons you are leaving (or left) your current job.

a.    Other than what you’ve stated, what else was a factor in your leaving?

2.    Please describe the relationships you had with your co-workers.

a.    With your boss?

b.    Why do you say that?

3.    Please describe what a normal workday is like in your former/current position. Walk me through the day from start to finish.

a.    How do you feel about that?

b.    What changes would you make?

4.    Please describe the biggest win or triumph you have had in your life so far.

a.    At work?

b.    In your personal life?

5.    Please describe in detail the best day you ever had on any job?

a.    What was the outcome for you?

b.    What did you learn from that experience?

6.    What was the biggest mistake you ever made at work? Be specific.

a.    What did you learn from that experience?

b.    What was the outcome for you based on that event?

7.    What training do you need to progress in your career? Why?

8.    What do you expect from a boss or team leader? Why do you feel that way?

Asking these “open-ended” questions will help you better understand your applicant so you may make more informed hiring decisions.

“WORK WITH ME NOT FOR ME” is full of user-friendly techniques such as these interview questions that you can use every day for team building and to sharpen your leadership skills.  Get this book today for yourself and for your team leaders from AMAZON in paperback, hard cover, e-book, or audiobook.

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John was from Brooklyn.

He was brash and arrogant…an absolute know-it-all. But he was also the top salesperson in a car dealership in North Carolina.

The manager was new, just transferred in from another store. He was calm, resolute, and competent.

John came to the manager at the sales desk saying that his customer wanted a certain vehicle. “All I need from you,” he told the manager, “Is a payment with no money down, and I will close this deal!” His manager replied, “Very well.”

The manager handed John a payment chart that looked like this:





48 mos




54 mos




60 mos





John stated sternly that he only needed a monthly payment with no money down. His manager calmly told John to present the chart, and ask the buyer to circle the best payment. John refused stating bluntly that he only needed the one payment with no money down.

His manager shared that customers really want an affordable payment and this shows them how to get the payments they want. John was very irritated. He blurts out, “I told them I would show them the payment with no down payment and that is NOT on the chart!”

His manager calmly shared that ALL customers want options and this chart provides them with 9 different payment options. He adds that most buyers want to buy with no money down because they do not see the benefits of a down payment. This chart provides both the options and the benefits of cash down. John declared, “Well, I am not going to present this without a $0 down option!”

His manager in a firm but calm voice says, “OK, John, I will go share these payments with your customer and, after I close them, I will retain half of your commission.” John shouts back, “Give me that damn paper. I will go close my own customer!”  12 minutes later he came back with a big smile, a $2500 check, and a signed sales agreement.  

John said, “I can’t believe that worked!” Thus began a great relationship between John and his manager that endured for a long time.

Looking at this from the point of view of either John, the manager, or the customer, please reply back sharing how you feel about this true story.

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